Evolve your personal brand

and become a
LinkedIn Rock star

We create and implement a LinkedIn marketing strategy for your personal branding

Maximise the potential of

LinkedIn marketing
for your business

Black Marketing offers a fully-managed tailored service
that manages your personal LinkedIn profile.

Expand your business and grow

your client base through
strategic connections

We generate new clients for you through optimised social selling strategies.

Black Marketing offers a fully-managed tailored service that manages your personal LinkedIn profile

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Founder and CEO, Chris J Reed, is the World No.1 LinkedIn Marketing and Personal Branding Expert and has the numbers to prove it.

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Why choose Black Marketing?

The world’s most recommended LinkedIn marketing firm since 2013, we can transform you into a LinkedIn rock star to achieve all of your professional goals.

Save time

While we manage your LinkedIn profile.

Audit & upgrade your profile

 We Identify 10+ missing elements, and fix them.

LinkedIn strategy for personal branding

With a great Google search ranking.

LinkedIn content marketing strategy

We create and implement for you on LinkedIn.

Become a LinkedIn thought leader

While we do write posts on your behalf.

Grow using LinkedIn social selling

We sell for you through LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Generate new clients

For you through social selling strategies including SmartLinks.

Market your company brand

Through your personal brand on LinkedIn.

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