Fully outsourced LinkedIn management that puts your brand centre stage

From initial profile audit, to content creation and ongoing optimisation, our process ensures that every aspect of your outsourced LinkedIn profile management is done with expertise.


As the world’s most recommended LinkedIn marketing firm since 2013, we create tailor-made and fully managed LinkedIn marketing experiences.


The Ultimate Personal Branding & LinkedIn Marketing Service For CEOs & Entrepreneurs

The Premium Personal BrandingLite Service

The Job Seeker and NED role finder service

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We are experts in LinkedIn marketing & Personal Branding

Profile management

Management of your personal LinkedIn profile.

Content marketing strategy

We develop and implement your LinkedIn B2B content marketing strategy


We write post, share, and engage on your behalf through LinkedIn

Market events

We market events to specifically targeted audiences

Specialized services

Our specialized services are developed to address your specific objectives

brand positioning

We position your personal brand as a thought leader in your industry through strategic content planning

We maximise and manage
your personal brand

Like you, our clients don’t have time to manage their own LinkedIn profile effectively and may not have the expertise to maximise their presence on LinkedIn.


We provide a tailored, personalized service for you to ensure that your brand presence on LinkedIn achieves all your business goals.


We provide entrepreneurs, CEOs, VPs, Presidents, MDs and founders of B2B businesses with a personalized LinkedIn profile management service. 


We provide outsourced LinkedIn management, developing a custom LinkedIn marketing plan that ensures you can use LinkedIn for marketing your business. The best part? We do all the heavy lifting. 

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Join Chris J Reed’s Masterclass for insider tips and detailed frameworks on how to inspire your leadership team, C-suite, marketing and sales teams and employees.

YOur success
is our success

YOur success is our success

Chris J “Mohawk” Reed has over 1,900 client authentic
testimonials and recommendations from clients.

Chris J “Mohawk” Reed has over 1,900 client authentic testimonials and recommendations from clients.

“Chris, The only CEO with a Mohawk has very good insight on LinkedIn and its power on branding. I have attended his personal branding masterclass twice because his classes offer good practical tips for great personal branding. He is very helpful and even rolled up his sleeves to help newbies like me in our practical sessions.”​​

Gary Oh, Founder & Director, Inglo Enterprise

“Marketers usually promise to think out of the box, to help you make your service look remarkable in the eyes of the customer, and to differentiate your product from competitors. But they themselves are still in the box, unremarkable and undifferentiated. Well, Chris clearly walks the talk on marketing – and you can see that just by looking at him. But his marketing prowess goes beyond the mohawk. Chris also mixes the soft skills of creativity with the hard skills of running an effective business. Don’t decide on engaging a marketer until and unless you’ve met Chris Reed.”


Mark Laudi, Managing Partner, CreditMark

“Chris is a living example of how to pursue your passion and make a career out of it. We have worked together on a number of events as well as editorial pieces; his passion for marketing, and building personal brands, is unmissable. In the market currently, Chris’ expertise on LinkedIn is unparalleled. He is your go-to person for all things LinkedIn.”


Rayana Pandey, Social content lead, StarHub
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