Meet Chris J “Mohawk” Reed
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Multi-award-winning LinkedIn Power Profile and 4 times best selling author specialising in LinkedIn marketing.

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Chris J “Mohawk” Reed

Infamously known as “The Only CEO With A Mohawk”, Chris J Reed is the world’s number 1 LinkedIn Marketing and Personal Branding expert, recognized globally by his notorious mohawk.

Chris J “Mohawk” Reed is a serial, global entrepreneur having created 5 and exited 4 marketing firms in Europe and now the Asia Pacific from his home, Singapore. He loves the place so much that he renounced his UK citizenship and is now a fully-fledged and very passionate Singaporean citizen.

Chris has 4 No.1 international bestselling books, “Personal Branding Mastery For Entrepreneurs”, “LinkedIn Mastery For Entrepreneurs”, “Social Selling Mastery For Entrepreneurs” and “How To Become a LinkedIn Rock Star”.

He loves to share his uncensored, provocative, controversial, polarising, and authentic thoughts on a variety of business topics on LinkedIn and for Forbes where he is an Official Forbes Business Council Member.

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